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Working with a Marketing Agency: 6 Smart Questions You Should Ask Before You Make The Jump

You’re looking at working with a marketing agency, but do you know what separates high-quality firms from the ineffective ones? As with all things in life, price does not equal quality. The “guaranteed results” on their website won’t guarantee success either.

By trusting either of these, you might end up with sloppy returns and a lot less money in the bank. If you a successful advertising campaign, it’s on you to ask for the right information before work starts. We at Tortuga will help you hire the smart way by teaching you the right questions to ask.

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Questions you can answer for yourself

When deciding on working with a marketing agency, sometimes the quality of a marketing firm reveals itself before you even speak with them. Much of this self-assessment approach can be done just by examining their own marketing material. Start by asking the following:

Does this team have a great website with the features I’ll need? For example, if you may need a website complete with webpage copy, video for marketing, and a constantly growing blog. Look at the agency’s site and see if they are doing these things for their own brand. If they don’t provide the services you seek for themselves, why should you believe they can do it for you?

Does this firm provide the services I need to their previous clients? A marketing group should usually have a portfolio of some sort. Dive in and see if their previous work is up to par. Again, you should have concerns if your essential needs are not a focus in their other work.

Are this agency’s testimonials authentic? Check the footers on client’s websites for any reference to the marketing agency. You could also just contact the company to check the accuracy of the testimonial claims.

Questions you should ask an agency directly

All of the previous questions are designed to identify surface-level flaws in their work. Their past efforts should be modern in design, be clear, and be highly engaging. Any red flags in these areas should sort out the weakest teams immediately. However, you’ll need to ask a few questions directly to max out the best benefits of working with a marketing agency:

How does this firm handle their project management? It’s critical that you know what methods their team uses to work together. They should have a system that saves time– whether they use a project management platform like monday.com, Asana, or some other methods. By spending less time talking about what needs to be done, they’ll actually be getting work done.

Who’s actually doing my work? You should know that digital marketing agencies may outsource your work. Outsourcing services aren’t a bad thing unless they are shipping tasks out to poor quality workers. Every piece of the marketing machine needs to be technically capable and hardwired into the marketing strategy. The left hand must know what the right hand is doing, or the car will crash.

How do they measure progress and performance? When the agency gives you numbers, you shouldn’t be confused. They should be able to clearly tell you simple metrics for the real picture of how their strategy is helping you. That means an analysis of your leads, customers, and revenue should be at the forefront.

Working with a marketing agency should make life easier.

If you’re getting anxious about getting a reliable team to be the voice of your brand, we understand. Vetting a great digital marketing team is a challenge, but you’ve stepped up to the plate just by reading this post. Let’s keep you moving in the right direction with a quick chat. Here at Tortuga Marketing, we are transparent about what we do and how we do it. Once you talk with us, you’ll see exactly how we can take you further.

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