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When is it Time to Outsource Content? 3 Crazy Symptoms of Company Fatigue that Will Tell You

With only 24 hours in a day, you might need to outsource content to save some time and money. However, that’s not the only reason you’re here. Your team works until they’re burnt out. Your customers aren’t spreading word about you. You are losing pace in the race against your competitors and you need a solution… fast.

Your brand has a clear sickness, but we’ve got your cure. Let’s talk through the importance of outsourcing your content so your brand can be healthier than ever.


Are you really making money from your content?

The endgame of your content creation is to increase your profits. If your team isn’t making content that gets your audience talking, you may need to outsource content created by someone who can. It can seem challenging to measure an abstract concept like word-of-mouth.

There are easy ways to measure this. Use built-in analytics metrics with your Facebook and Youtube accounts to see your shares, views, and comments. Now, compare this with your revenues. Are you noticing some trends yet? Your stagnant earnings may not be directly caused by your weak audience engagement.

On the flip side, your content performance clearly isn’t helping it either. Your blog posts, company videos, and social media blurbs are the heartbeat of your brand. Get your heartbeat thumping, and outsource content to dedicated content creators.

Tons of companies enter the content marketing world and spend thousands of dollars on it, but don’t know if it’s actually paying off. Luckily, there are ways to track your content marketing ROI and know if your strategies are working in your favor.

Not many companies actually track their ROI. 35% of B2B marketers say they do, while the rest remain unsure or don’t take action. If you’re tracking your ROI and seeing results that aren’t great, you may want to consider outsourcing content to up the quality and get a better return on investment.

Is your team spending too much time on things they weren’t hired for?


Your team isn’t as effective in their main roles lately. You should take a moment to think about why that might be. Is your team of video guys, web developers, and customer service reps are writing your blog too? That’s a problem.

You need your allies doing what they’re best at. If you wouldn’t use a single candle to illuminate a mansion, you shouldn’t use a finance officer to manage your social media. Use the right tools for the job.

Two ways to solve this are to: hire dedicated full-time content staff, or start outsourcing content creation. If you have someone on-staff to create an overall long-term content strategy, then you can outsource content pieces. Your team regains their efficiency and you see stronger returns.

Is your content useful and fresh?

If you look around, a lot of content looks exactly the same. Think about content creation like a writing a love song. If twenty different people are talking about the same subject, you want to be the Barry White of content creation. Sometimes you don’t have to be unique with the subject, but your perspective has to be fresh.

Content creation can be a long and tedious process. Some social media platforms don’t demand high production value, however, many of the most popular platforms favor it in most cases. YouTube and Instagram are obvious ones, but even TikTok’s algorithms favor things like good lighting and quality sound. It can be tough to set up all those things with a smaller staff or with less expertise. Creating quality content often can be exhausting and take away from those areas in which you really are an expert for your brand.

The easiest fix can be to outsource content, which could be the breath of fresh air your brand needs.

That said, your brand’s content still needs actionable advice to avoid losing your audience. Take the time to find someone that can share information with strong CTAs. If your audience believes they can do what you’re suggesting, they are far more likely to share your awesome content.

Dedicated content creators spend all their time practicing effective messaging. Do yourself a favor and hire those that are ready for the task.

Still need help? Outsource content! We can help you get over this fatigue.

By now, you might have looked around your office and seen the symptoms of this illness. This is the beginning of your journey to the solution, and we applaud you for that.

To find a great team, you would normally need a ton of vetting and patience. If you need a refresh on your content, you’re not in this alone. We at Tortuga Marketing want to save you the trouble. Reaching out to us today is the quickest way to get moving towards a stronger brand. Schedule a chat and we’ll show you exactly what we can do for you.

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