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The 6 Best Video Marketing Trends to Track in 2022

Keeping up with current video marketing trends means finding ways to craft videos that capture and sustain the attention of viewers. Video is one of the hottest types of content creation right now. The average person watches about an hour of video per day. While the rise in demand for video continues to increase, attention spans have decreased in the last ten years. In the fight to engage consumers, video marketers and brands alike, must captivate audiences by leveraging new technology and focusing on the personalized, authentic content that viewers value the most.

Video marketing trends are so important because people spend a lot of their time watching videos.

  • Over 50% of people would rather watch videos than read blog posts, browse social media, and read email.
  • Videos have become a daily habit.
  • By next year, the average person will spend over 80 minutes per day watching video.
  • In 2022, people will spend 100 minutes per day viewing video.

Amazing videos can attract viewers and drive up your ROI. Read ahead for six key video marketing trends you should start implementing to make sure your videos are watched, enjoyed, and shared in 2020.

Video Marketing Trends in 2021

1. Personalization 

Creating videos based on user data is the next big thing. Microsoft’s global engagement manager, Purna Virji, says that digital marketing must use personalization. With artificial intelligence and search engines, we have what we need to identify individual preferences. Unique content helps viewers to stay interested., because general ads can be hard to relate to. Crafting content to match user preferences makes all the difference. Each factor of a video can impact how a user responds, so selecting the right details, like color schemes and captions, is key.

This fall, Instagram added a new feature, the “Create” tab. It provides new options for customizing color and adding gifs and templates. Companies can use these tools to tailor stories to their brand strategy. 

2. Interactive Content 

Video marketing trends in 2022 will continue to benefit from getting people involved in the action.

Gary Vaynerchuck generates interest even before a video is released by asking readers to vote on their favorite title. To create moments for users to interact with content, Gary’s team recommends using a call to action near the end. For instance, he asks for feedback or provides an option to watch more.

Shoppable video is the next big trend in interactive video marketing. Similar to shoppable photos, shoppable video will prompt user engagement, allowing viewers to easily make purchases by clicking on hyperlinks that direct them to product pages, ultimately shortening the online shopping process. Neil Patel stated this month that click through rate is the factor that creates the biggest return on investment. Making it easier for viewers to visit your sites’ product pages and purchase has the potential for big payoff. 

3. 360-Degree Videos

Providing interaction could be as simple as offering viewers a new perspective, especially one that helps them to imagine the world in a different way. User-oriented video, like Netflix’s Black Mirror episode “Bandersnatch” (which won a 2019 Emmy) asks viewers to make choices that impact the storyline they see.

Similarly, 360-degree videos invite us to navigate the screen and shape our experience. Whether taking us on a walk, ride, flight, or another adventure, 360-degree content offers a vantage point we can customize. They appeal to our sense of excitement and curiosity. 360-degree video marketing compels us to actively take part in our journey. 

4. Platform-Specific Video Marketing Trends

By 2023, mobile could account for 81% of online advertising. With the popularity of video—especially live video—on mobile devices, orientation and appearance really matter. It’s important to match the video to the platform. People often anticipate vertical videos on Instagram, and square videos promise more page space on Facebook’s news feed.

Considering the length of each video based on its platform is also important. Length should be customized to the platform it will be viewed on. On Instagram, 30 seconds is recommended, whereas on Facebook, 1-minute videos are suggested. Those shared on Twitter should be 30 seconds, while 2 minutes is popular on YouTube. Creating longer videos was popular in 2019: 40% of videos were greater than 15 seconds. 

5. Platforms Old and New

95% of all internet users use YouTube. According to Google, millennials make up two-thirds of those viewers.

Last month, the New York Times reported that the bulk of advertising revenue in the next year will come from using YouTube, Google, and Facebook. Video-first platforms will continue to pop up and dominate the video marketing space.

The app TikTok is growing in popularity. Teens 13-16 years old use it more frequently than Facebook, and it’s currently a hot platform for organic reach.

Since it’s recent launch, Instagram’s IGTV has also become increasingly popular, serving as the first platform designed for vertical only, long-form video content. Though still in it’s infancy, IGTV is a front runner in what will likely by a new standard in years to come.

In 2020, we got options of new streaming services, such as Disney+, AppleTV+, HBO Max by AT&T / WarnerMedia, and NBC. Fans keep getting new ways to see their favorite shows and films.

6. Authenticity

These trends give us much to think about. They will be most effective when they strike a chord with viewers. Ads like Nike’s “Dream Crazy” video reveal how standpoints can spark conversation. The video added $6 billion dollars to Nike’s value after its release and earned a Creative Arts Emmy.

Recent ads for clothing and razors have encouraged people to talk about what it means to be a man. While some people dislike ads with strong messages, videos that address values in a genuine way help viewers to remember them. 

Vlogging is a great way to humanize brands. This gives viewers an inside look on a brand’s team, day to day routines, and values–an opportunity to connect with consumers in a transparent and authentic way.

Authentic content can go miles. A video can make us laugh or smile, or simply move us. A good video makes us more likely to think about a brand, visit a website or social media page, and purchase a product. How will you create these kinds of connections?

To 2022….and Beyond!

Now that you have the scoop on the hottest video marketing trends for 2022, make sure your video content strategy for the upcoming year matches up! Get ahead of your competitors, start capturing your viewers’ attention, and start making GOOD video content.

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