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Sales Enablement Content: The 8 Most Effective Types

As a content marketing agency in Raleigh, we know it’s all about attracting, converting, and retaining customers through sales enablement content. With most of today’s target audience having a strong online presence, you shouldn’t have a hard time being able to find your ideal client.

According to recent studies, around 95 percent of buying decisions are directly influenced by content. This means your business’ content needs to be out there available for your target audience to find and see — including when already interacting with your sales team. By providing your sales team with these 8 effective types of sales enablement content, you’ll be elevating your business’ sales efforts.

What Is Sales Enablement Content?

Sales enablement is the content that sales reps use throughout the selling process. It provides the sales organization with the information, content, and tools to help them sell more effectively. It’s all about creating alignment between marketing and sales. Sales reps need the right content at the right time to effectively engage with prospects and address their concerns. In fact, according to Salesforce, 58% of pipelines stall because sales reps are unable to add value.

A sales group is only as good as the product or service they are trying to represent. However, a business cannot succeed without a good sales team. Even if said business in itself is amazing, without effective sales enablement content, the chances of a customer successfully going through the buyer’s journey isn’t likely. Here are 8 types of content to help elevate your sales efforts as much as possible.

Most Effective Types Of Sales Enablement Content

1. Competitor Research and Analysis Materials

Knowing your competition is important. Competitor research and analysis content allow brands to gain insights into how their competition is connecting with their target audience while highlighting the areas where they are lacking.

To separate yourself from your digital competitors, you’ll need consistent quality content that enables sales. It sounds like a lot of work, but you don’t always need to bend over backwards. Often, it’s about documenting rather than creating. Traditionally, ads have been held to broadcasting standards, to be clean, concise, and polished. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram allow brands to express themselves more transparently and artistically, without needing high production and a huge budget.

2. Case Studies and Other Customer-Centric Content

High-quality customer-centric documents help to create an enhanced understanding of your customers and their wants, needs, and preferences.

These content documents should demonstrate the struggles and challenges that your target audience is facing. Additionally, it should also serve as a guide for sales people to share content and information showing how their product or service can be the solution they’ve been seeking all along.

3. Blog Posts

Blog Posts are high-value references that can educate sales professionals and be used by them to nurture prospects and close a sale.

4. eBooks and Whitepapers

These full-circle documents and resources often contain statistics and educational information about how a brand’s service or product will provide the solution that a prospect needs. If a sales professional is in need of a last-minute pitch, they can reference past eBooks and whitepapers for an informational boost.

5. Sales Scripts

Sales scripts that are done right are an important part of the sales strategy. These scripts should be consistent with information that a prospect has been provided, while also supplying new and educational content that could persuade them to make a final purchase decision. These scripts offer a base for consistency throughout the sales funnel, as well as between various sales professionals on a team.

6. Social Media Messages

Social media is usually thought of as a content marketing channel, but it’s also useful for prospect engagement. Salespeople can send out links to existing social media content and also interact with prospects on each platform.

7. Onboarding Content

The training and onboarding materials developed for sales professionals are an important sales enablement tool. Not only do these documents provide new sales team members with information on the company, but they also demonstrate the ideal voice and tone to be used during customer interactions.  Make sure to include content like your company’s mission, values, and tips on how sales professionals can successfully use pre-developed content to their advantage when developing sales enablement materials.

8. One-Pagers

One-pagers are, as the name dictates, one-page glimpses that help create an understanding of a specific aspect of your brand. When used as sales enablement solutions, one-pagers can clearly show the benefits of a product or service and how it acts as an effective solution to a challenge faced by a high-potential prospect.

Bridge the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

At this point, it’s likely you understand the importance of providing quality content to your sales team. When salespeople have access to the right content at the right time, they’re more likely to engage leads and close more sales. By focusing on these types of high-value content to share with your sales team, you can maximize your sales efforts (and your closing rate). Schedule an appointment with us to start creating high-value sales enablement content today.

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