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We give you the right set of tools to resonate with your ideal target audience.

Meet Amy!

Amy is your ideal customer, and she’s somewhere out there for you to find. The question is, what’s the best way to reach her and get her to purchase your product or service? That’s where we come in! We can help you build and implement a comprehensive content marketing strategy to make sure you can effectively reach (and close) all the Amys out there. Our approach revolves around the concept of the buyer’s journey.

marketing strategy: buyer's journey problem aware stage


In the first step of the buyer’s journey, Amy is problem-aware. She is aware that she has a problem that needs fixing but isn’t sure how to resolve it yet.

buyer's journey solution aware stage


In the second step of the buyer’s journey, Amy is solution-aware. She now knows what she needs in order to fix her problem, but hasn’t decided on what company she’s going to use to accomplish this.

buyer's journey decision stage

Decision Stage

The decision stage is the final step of the buyer’s journey. Amy is now looking at companies in your space, and needs to decide on who she is going to use. 

Foundational Pillars

All of our efforts start with a deep, comprehensive understanding of the buyer’s journey that your target audience would go through in order to become your customer. By using your unique buyer’s journey as the foundation for our content strategy, we ensure that everything we do is tailored to appeal to your ideal customer.

You can spend a million dollars on creating mind-blowingly awesome content, but without a proper strategy in place to deploy it, it can fall flat. That’s where we come in! From our foundational SEO to blogging strategy to omni-channel social media strategy and coordination, we can deploy your content effectively and get as many targeted eyeballs on it as possible!

Content Deployment

Analytics + Revisions

What gets measured gets managed, and it’s important to keep a close eye on analytics and KPIs and make adjustments to our marketing strategy on an ongoing basis. We never take our eyes off the prize, and constantly study the data and pivot as needed so that you get the best results possible.

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