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How to stay consistent on social media (and still make great content): 3 tips!

To remain a relevant brand, you’re trying to stay consistent on social media and feeling a bit overwhelmed. Whether you’ve got unfocused brand messaging, or you’re posting infrequently, there are many pieces to maintain in social media marketing. You’re not as alone as you might think, but it’s time for you to stand apart from the other brands. Successful brands plan to overcome challenges. As rising champions of Raleigh marketing content, we at Tortuga Marketing want you to have a blueprint designed to get you on track for a successful campaign. Join us as we dive into some of our top pointers on social media content strategy.

how to stay consistent on social media

Start with a social media goal

Your social media success is only possible if you define the finish line. Once you hit this finish line, you get a nice ego boost and the motivation to set a new goal and keep growing. While every goal may not be solely about a financial ROI, these help your brand story by gathering a passionate, content-sharing audience.

Set a reasonable starter goal. Your first goal should be something attainable, but should be highly valuable to your brand growth. This means “x” amount of views is probably not a wise goal. This goal is no good because engagement without conversion is a massive waste of your time. A good small goal could be to spark a constructive, relevant conversation in the comments of one of your posts. This can be a huge indicator that your audience finds your content valuable enough to talk about. Collect enough small milestones to outline the true progress of your campaign.

Build a blueprint

The key to brand consistency and routine content sharing: strategy. When we talk content strategy, we simply mean setting up simple systems that are easy to repeat without sacrificing value. You should be able to produce great content on a predictable schedule without consuming too much of your time. Most of your time needs to be in higher ROI efforts. After all, your brand probably isn’t selling social media content.

It’s time for the KISS method. Keep it simple by building a blueprint for the basics of your content. Templates can be a great starting point, especially for text posts. Checklists can be even better, because it leaves more room to make each post different from the last.

Create benchmarks for each post. Each post should fit your brand story, and should meet your chosen benchmarks that serve your campaign goals. Examples of benchmarks might include a specific writing tone, keyword requirements, or meeting a quota for the amount of post per topic you have. Finally, you must include some kind of call-to-action to inspire engagement. Ask a question or tell your audience to follow a link to create classic types of CTAs.

Set up a posting calendar. Finally, just make a simple routine schedule to post your content. Once a week, daily, or whatever you feel you can keep up with. Start small and work up your pace if you feel you can do more.

Know when to welcome a helping hand

If at any point you feel like you can’t keep up with your campaign, it might be time to invite outside help. Remember, you want to be focused solely on what you do best. Sometimes that means outsourcing the rest. Our team at Tortuga Marketing solely focuses on phenomenal content creation and marketing. We make your content reliable, relatable, and non-intrusive so you can build lasting connections to your audience. Set up a chat with us today if you’re looking to make your daily work a bit easier.

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