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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

We help you rank higher in Google search results by using SEO to drive targeted organic traffic and qualified leads to your website on autopilot.

Boosting organic traffic to your website.

SEO is much like planting a garden. By investing time and effort upfront, along with periodic maintenance, you can reap exponentially higher long-term rewards. Building your rankings on search engines can result in massive increases in organic traffic, which means more customers and increased sales. We can help you get there. Strategic and comprehensive SEO, like what we do at Tortuga, can be a game-changer for your business.

Through detailed keyword planning, an in-depth analysis of your website’s SEO metrics and the implementation of best practices and optimizations on your website, our team can help boost your search rankings and organic traffic.

Raleigh SEO services

Data Driven

All of our SEO campaigns start with a deep dive into your website’s metrics and analytics so that we can build a strategy that’s backed by hard data. We meticulously track search metrics over time to make sure our SEO efforts translate into real-world, effective results for our clients.

Content First

It’s no secret that quality content is massively important when it comes to SEO. As a content marketing agency, our SEO approach puts content first. We make sure to craft authentic, quality, search-optimized content for your business to drive organic traffic and add value to website visitors.

No Sketchy Strategies

The SEO industry can often get a bad rap due to certain parts of the industry pushing sketchy “black hat” strategies involving shady tactics that could get your website penalized or blacklisted from Google. Not us! The Tortuga approach to SEO is 100% legitimate, long-term and content-driven.

SEO Case Study


The Challenge

The client contacted Tortuga with a desire to be the #1 sod installation company in their territory. Their current (at the time) website was created by a national marketing agency that creates membership-based websites at scale.

The Google search rankings for that website out of the box were non-existent because it was completed as an add-on service.

The client believed that the best way to reach their business goals was to build their SEO during the off season so that once the spring arrived, they would be the #1 ranking sod installation company.

How We Crushed It

Tortuga rebuilt the entire Peak Sodding website using WordPress and wrote specific copy on service pages and landing pages optimized to rank for high value keywords.

We also conducted a long-term SEO blogging campaign to bring in organic traffic from targeted informational search queries.

This also resulted in multiple blog posts from the Peak Sodding site being picked up by Google Discover and being delivered directly to the personalized news feeds of thousands of mobile users.


“One of my favorite companies to work with. I spoke with many different companies before trusting Tortuga with the job. I was very hesitant to trust a company with my marketing for fear they might not reflect my brand, but Tortuga far and wide offered the most personable and professional service. Luis and his team are a phenomenal team that invests in the quality of service they provide.”
– Ben Schneider, Owner

Services we offer

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Local SEO

Tortuga Marketing is a Raleigh SEO company that can help you dominate in your field and drive targeted organic traffic and qualified leads to your website.

National SEO

SEO services don’t have to only attract customers in your local area. A national SEO service targets and attracts customers from all across the country! You need to be at the top of Google’s search engine rankings in order to get the best business opportunities coming through your door.

Multi-Location SEO

Most people don’t know that there is more to SEO than just optimizing your web pages. Multi-Location SEO ensures you rank high everywhere you appear on the internet, including on your own site.

Website audit

A website audit can be used to identify website issues, such as broken links, website errors, and website user experience problems. With our website audit services, we’ll use this information to create a list of website optimization strategies which will help you improve your websites’ SEO rankings and more!


Many businesses are having trouble meeting demands in today’s economy. With our consultation services, we provide personalized attention and care to help your business grow and succeed.

SEO, Tortuga Style

For many businesses, a well-planned SEO strategy coupled with solid execution can be a game changer, bringing in new leads and attention on autopilot. However, with SEO, there are no immediate results, no instant gratification, and no overnight successes. It’s all about laying the foundation for long-term organic growth, which eventually pays for itself many times over.

At Tortuga, we believe 110% in the power of long-term strategies vs. short-term, short-sighted approaches. It is our goal to work hand-in-hand with you to transform your business into an SEO powerhouse over time and make your website a lead-generating machine. We promise honesty, transparency, no cut corners, and an absolute commitment to quality. If you’re interested in working with us for SEO, let’s chat!

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