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Outsourcing Content Creation: 3 Best Reasons to Hire Outside Help

Outsourcing content is one of the best ways to dramatically reduce stress within your company.

It’s a common mistake for marketers to try to be a jack of all trades. Some people actually do thrive and succeed that way, however, others end up a master of none. Individual marketers or small teams will try to take on social media, PPC, SEO, advertising, and more on their own, and it ends up being a big burden to bear. One of the biggest burdens brands bear is content.

Content is king in this modern age, and it can be overwhelming to try and match your competitors with the quantity and quality of content. The demand for content just keeps getting bigger, and outsourcing content is a great way to dramatically reduce that pressure.

Does your team lose tons of time by producing endless content? Do you feel burned out and overwhelmed trying to match your competitors in creating constant quality content? Your answer may be the reason your audience just isn’t engaging with you. It may be time to start outsourcing content creation.

In this post, we’ll show you what outsourcing content can do for your brand, like:

  • How can outsourcing content boost your team’s efficiency?
  • What advantages can outside expertise bring to your brand?
  • How can contractors improve the quality of my content?

At Tortuga, we aim to get your audience pumped about what your brand does. Whether it’s video marketing, blogs, or podcasting, you should be empowered by the best ways to make great content. We’ll begin with why you need outsourcing to save time in your brand marketing.

outsourcing content

Boost your efficiency

By this point, you’re probably already blue in the face screaming that “no one knows my brand better than me!”. That’s 100% true, and we won’t argue that.

On the flip side, do you already have a team dedicated to churning out content? Probably not. If your web developer, accountant, and pet dog are all focused two hours a day in content, that’s minimum ten hours a week per person you’re losing.

You can hire outside help, outsourcing content creation to reclaim your team’s productivity. By outsourcing, you instantly knock two birds with one stone. You are releasing your team’s minds from the content machine, and gaining dedicated minds for better content. More high-quality work is compressed into each hour. Let’s use those 24 hours more effectively, shall we?

Invite new expertise by outsourcing content

Have you ever gotten a friend’s advice, then laughed immediately realizing you gave that same advice to them last month? An outsider can clearly see the simple things that you might easily miss. It works for your personal life, but it works for business too.

On the same note, contractors are dedicated to becoming well-equipped experts. You not only employ the person, but also the specialty tools they pay for. Resources like content analysis software would cost you a pretty penny and take time to use. Even production equipment, such as proper lighting, cameras, and more can run up a very big price. The pros have all their own equipment, saving you the trouble of buying it all.

A smart brand hires freelancers and agencies that use valuable analytics and content management tools. You’re a smart brand, so vet for these features when you’re outsourcing and you’ll reap the benefits.

Improve your quality

It’s time to be honest: no one wants to watch a video that looks like a homemade camcorder film. However, the time it takes to plan, create and edit is a bit of a pain.

Same goes for blogs, infographics and even audio. Outsourcing pieces of your content production can quickly shift the quality from poor to phenomenal.

For starters, it will lighten the pressure on your team. They can spend more time with their refined editing process while your freelancer tackles the script. Maybe you just need someone to cover the promotion. You could use external help to optimize your social media.

There are endless ways you can employ contractors to your benefit. It’s up to you how broad or narrow the outsourced areas will be. Do what your team is best at and give the rest to savvy outsiders.


We completely understand that successful content marketing is not an easy task. That said, you’re off to a great start.

You can be reassured that you know:

  1. Outsourcing can compress a larger volume of great work into less time.
  2. Contractors give you enhanced value through access to content software tools, as well as personnel resources.
  3. Your content quality can improve by creating pockets of specialized work for your team and freelancers to do what they’re best at.

Taking the time to understand content creation will save you time in making a strong content campaign. From everyone here at Tortuga Marketing, we congratulate you for being proactive in your quest for success.


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