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Tortuga Marketing is a Raleigh SEO company that can help you dominate in your field and drive targeted organic traffic and qualified leads to your website. Our local SEO services help you focus on bringing in clients and customers in your specific area.

A Summary

What Are Local SEO Services?

Local SEO Services help you rank for key phrases related to a certain location. For example, if you own a dog washing service in Pittsburgh, we’d help you rank for “dog washing near me”, or “dog washing in Pittsburgh”. With local SEO, you get qualified leads in your area who are looking for something nearby. We’ll help you bring in a customer base within reach with our local SEO services!

What Are Local SEO Ranking Factors?

There are plenty of factors that affect your SEO ranking when it comes to a local search. These include:

How Do We Do Local SEO?

Here at Tortuga, we jump in with a strategy that addresses local SEO from all angles.

Rank Higher in Search Results and
Increase Your Conversions

Local SEO Audit

We start our local SEO process by conducting a thorough audit of your pages and listing what we need to do increase your ranking.

Keyword Research & Strategy

Once we have our audit, we begin in-depth research to find the keywords with the best performance and the least competition. We'll form a local SEO strategy that will help you rank higher in searches specific to your region.

Google My Business SEO

We'll help you improve your Google My Business presence. When your Google My Business profile is thorough and full of information, you're on the good side of the algorithm.

eCommerce SEO

If your site is an online shop, we've got you covered with local eCommerce SEO. We can tailor your services so they lead customers to the landing pages of your products.

On-Page Optimization

We'll take a look at all aspects of your website that can get you showing up earlier in local search results. These include meta descriptions, URL slugs, titles, tags, blog posts, landing pages, and more.

Franchise SEO

If you're looking to promote a specific franchise location, we've got your back with our local SEO services.

We'll help you bring in a customer base within reach with our local SEO services.

Capitalize on the Best Local SEO Services and Boost Your Revenue

If you’re looking to attract a serious client and customer base in your area, look no further than Tortuga Marketing. We’ll take care of your local SEO needs by using a well-rounded approach and improving all aspects of your website, Google My Business profile, and more. Turn your business around and chat with us today!

Our Local SEO Projects

Why Businesses Choose Tortuga Marketing

Tortuga Marketing is the best Raleigh SEO agency for all of your search engine optimization needs. In a fast paced, always changing environment, it’s more important than ever to partner with someone who understands your business, knows the ins and outs of search engine optimization, and chooses long-term strategies vs. short-term and short-sighted approaches.

Don’t leave your SEO strategy to chance. Contact us today to see how we can help you drive targeted organic traffic to your website and ultimately generate you the results you’re looking for.

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