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How to Create a Great Marketing Video in 5 Steps

So you’ve created an amazing product or service that you believe in, but nobody is buying it. You’re not getting the sales numbers you want, and you’ve decided to create a marketing video in hopes of boosting sales and increasing your conversions. Great! You’ve made a wise decision, but with hundreds of videos out there, how could you possibly create a video that provides a solid ROI and gets the conversions you’re looking for? Here are 5 steps to creating an EPIC marketing video that’ll do just that.

Step 1: Create a strategy for your marketing video

In order to create an epic marketing video that’ll sell itself and bring more customers, you’re going to need to create a strategy. Start with finding out what it is you’re trying to convey in your sales video. What about your product or service makes you different from your competitors? Why should they choose you over someone else? What makes you or your brand so special? These are questions you have to know and find out so you can relay a clear message through your video.

There are a few ways to solidify your strategy and goals of what you want to achieve with your marketing video. One way is to determine your target audience. If you know what specific type of person you are trying to reach with your video, you’re more likely to see engagement and conversion. You don’t want your video falling on deaf ears! A great way to really narrow down the goal is by specifying your target demographics.

A sales/marketing funnel is also a great way to work on your strategy. You’ll want to determine where your target audience may be standing in this funnel. Are you just grabbing their attention at this point, and need to reel them in? Or are they already deep into your website, and you need to close that sale? All of this information is essential, because it encourages everything from what message your video content conveys, to where it is posted.

Step 2: Don’t try to sell

One thing to take note of is that 60% of people say they no longer trust social media. Make sure that when you create content aiming to gain exposure for your brand, you are respecting the fact that most people don’t want to feel like a brand or product is being pushed on them. Focus on communicating human-to-human, rather than selling or slinging your products and services.

Consumers won’t buy from you if you have a sales video that tries to push a product or service that they don’t need. Alternatively, try teaching them something instead. Create the need for your product or service by showcasing a common problem your consumer might run into, and how purchasing your product or service can help solve that issue. Acting authentically as a brand is the best way to grow on all your platforms and avoid turning potential customers away. 78% of people say they will unfollow a brand if there is too much advertising and promotional content, so stick with marketing video content that your potential customers will truly benefit from.

Step 3: Tell a story through your marketing video

Tell a story in your video that will allow your consumers to connect with you or your brand. They’ll want to take action right there and then if you focus on connecting with their emotions. For instance, you could tell them why you created your product or brand. Did you share a same concern as your customers? Try to understand your audience and create an authentic, compelling story that your audience can relate to.

Step 4: Speak through your brand

While you want to reel in your consumers by telling a compelling story, you want to always be authentic when you do. Authenticity is a major factor in getting your audience to engage. Customers are sharp – and they’re quick to point out when someone isn’t being genuine or authentic, so it’s important to showcase your personality through your product or brand that will make your sales video memorable and relatable.

Step 5: Ask for the close

Now that you’ve created a compelling story, come to a close by enforcing your product or service that will help resolve the issue for your prospects. Include a call to action at the end of your sales video so that the viewer knows exactly what to do next. This can be in the form of a subscription sign-up, or a like, share, or comment button.

What now?

If you follow these steps, you’ll surely be on your way to creating an EPIC marketing video! Still need help creating a compelling story and finding your brand’s niche? Book a Strategy Session with us and we’ll walk you through our process.   We work with a variety of well known video production companies in Raleigh like Blueforest Studios.  No project is too big!

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