Taking your content to a whole new level

We’re a content-first marketing agency, which means we live and breathe content marketing. We solve problems and drive growth through our content marketing efforts. Whether you’re looking for quality web content, social media graphics and assets, well-crafted, SEO-friendly blogs or all of the above, we promise to elevate your content marketing to new heights.

The Tortuga Process

Pillar Content

The Tortuga process starts with Pillar Content. This can be a long-form video, podcast interview, in-depth blog or any other piece of lengthy, information-packed content. Pillar Content can be deployed by itself, but we also use it as a foundational piece in our content marketing approach.
pillar content on laptop and television
short form video content on smartphone and tablet

Short-Form Content

Next, we take Pillar Content and chop it up into Short-Form Content. We pull interesting snippets from the Pillar Content piece and edit them to optimize for social media and shorter attention spans. Ever scrolled through Instagram or Facebook and seen an eye-catching 1-2 minute video? That’s the kind of Short-Form Content we’re really into.

Micro Content

Lastly, sometimes we’ll take the Short-Form Content and break it down into even smaller chunks of information to generate Micro-Content. These are usually things like fun TikTok videos, Instagram stories, quotes, or graphics derived from the Short-Form Content piece.
micro content on smartphone on linkedin

Our Work

Tortuga Marketing – Website Showcase

Video showcase of our website portfolio, incorporating 3D effects and animations

Carolina Kettle Chips – Stop Motion Promo

Stop motion promotional video for Carolina Kettle Chips

Peak Sodding – About Us

Square-format "About Us" video optimized for social media sharing

Dr. Joseph Wilson – Shoulder Specialist

Short-form, "Gary Vee" style video for social media​​

JustGreen Lawn Care – Testimonial Video

"Talking head" customer testimonial video

Frenchies Modern Nail Care – Walkthrough Tour

Walkthrough tour of a premium nail care salon