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7 Reasons Why You Need To Use Video for Marketing

If you haven’t noticed, consumer culture is currently experiencing a major shift away from text and towards video consumption. What does this mean for you as a small business owner? Simply put, if you aren’t using videos in your marketing, it’s time to start! Need convincing? Check out our list of 7 reasons why you need to be using video for marketing.

  1. Video Increases Sales: If you’re looking to increase conversions and see your sales jump (who isn’t?), then using videos in your marketing endeavors is a surefire way to do it. In fact, it is proven that including a video on your landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 80%!
  2. Return on Investment: The cost of creating a video is small compared to what it can do for you. While you may  spend a bit of money upfront to have your video content created, around 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name videos as the type of content that delivers the best ROI to the business owner.
  3. Video Builds Trust: It’s good to have articles available on your product or service, but customers are more likely to trust your word if they can see you saying it and feel your emotions. The difference between telling someone they should buy your product versus showing them that your product is right for them cannot be understated, and one way to do that is through video. Not to mention, 50% of shoppers look for a video prior to going out to make a purchase, so it is important to have videos available to build your rapport with the customer!
  4. Google Loves Videos: Your page is MUCH more likely to show up on Google if a video is embedded in your content. Having this type of media greatly impacts your search rank and increases the likeliness of your site being on the first page, which is an all-important factor in gaining customers.
  5. Mobile Users Love It Too: It should come as no surprise that the mobile audience gets bigger every year. Not only should you make sure that your website and email campaigns are optimized for mobile devices, but you should also include videos. As customers scroll on social media, they’re likely to engage with your content if it is a short, information-rich video that they can easily access on their mobile device.
  6. Video Encourages Social Sharing: Promoting an ad on social media costs money, but having your content spread organically is free! 92% of mobile video watchers say that they share the videos they watch with others (provided the content is quality, of course). Just like old fashioned word of mouth, encouraging others to share your content on social media is a great way to naturally boost business!
  7. Video Increases Click Through Rates: Using videos in your emails increases click through rates through the roof. In fact, just using the word “email” in the subject line boosts open rates by 19% and click through rates by 65%! You can’t argue with statistics like those!

Now that you have so many reasons to start using video content in your marketing, you may be wondering where to start.   Tortuga Marketing specializes in all types of content marketing, and video is HUGE part of that!  Book a meeting today to discuss possibilities!

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